About me

I take a keen interest in individuals and their cultural conditioning, how they attempt to pursue their wishes and cope with reality while also expanding the scope of what is possible. Literature, philosophy and the arts – all fields related to psychoanalysis – are close to my heart.

Professional experience

  • University lecturer at the SFU Vienna and Berlin
  • Training psychoanalyst and supervisor at the SFU Vienna
  • Registered psychotherapist and psychoanalyst
  • Psychological counsellor for children, adolescents and parents
  • Many years of experience as an educator


  • Doctoral degree in Psychotherapy Science
  • Master’s degree in Psychotherapy Science
  • Master’s degree in German philology, philosophy, psychology, pedagogy
helga klug psychotherapie

Teaching, congresses and conferences

  • 2019 Lecturer at the Albanian Association For Psychotherapy, Tirana
  • Paper presented at the 17th International Symposium of the Group Analytic Society International, Berlin, August 2017
  • Participant at the Moments of Crisis congress of the New Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis, Geneva, May 2015
  • Participant at the 19th Congress of the International Association for Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes, Rovinj, Croatia, August 2015
  • Teacher at the SFU Summer School, Vienna, 2014
  • Participant at the Babel – Myth and Present conference
    The intercultural competence of groups, Granada, 10 – 14 June 2013
  • Participant at the 18th Annual Conference of the International Association of Dynamic Psychotherapy, Sendai, Japan
  • Teacher at the SFU Summer School, Vienna, 2012


  • Helga Klug: Die Finanzkrise 2008 im Unbewussten.Über die Ökonomie des Seelenlebens in Zeiten der Krise.
    Springer: 2020 Open Access
  • Rezensionen zu: August Aichhorn „Verwahrloste Jugend”, Siegfried Bernfeld „Sisyphos oder die Grenzen der Erziehung”, Luc Ciompi „Affektlogik” und Erich Fromm „Haben oder Sein” In: A. Pritz (Hrsg.) „Einhundert Meisterwerke der Psychotherapie”. Ein Literaturführer. Wien: Springer 2008



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