Academy information

The Academy is intended to give specialized training to psychoanalysts by conveying theoretical concepts in a transferential manner. This new approach implies that:
Our teaching team is formed by qualified professors from all around the globe who are in active exercise of the profession and are, thus, able to convey the vicissitudes of the therapeutic experience from its place of occurrence: the psychoanalytic device.

Theoretical concepts are expressed through cinema, literature, poetry and music, cultural expressions that are often neglected within the academic field, but -as Freud himself taught us- are particularly precise when approaching an object as vast and complex as the human psyche. The mysteries of our behaviour, self-imposed obstacles to happiness, repetition within neuroses, the enigma of femininity, the pace of transferential relationship are all issues that are spoken of in a dynamic way, so that students can grasp valuable resources that will help them in the exercise of their profession and throughout the path of their lives.

Being an entrance-door to the thorough investigation of the human mind, the Academy of Psychoanalysis is open to all people who are appealed to this field of study: anthropologists, philosophers, architects, artists, scientists, lawyers and, of course, professionals who are involved themselves in mental health care.

Psychiatrists and physicians, as well, should find the course extremely challenging and useful ¿Why would this be? The ethics of psychoanalysis establishes a new positioning of agents in the interaction between patient and therapist that creates a whole new method of considering pathos and intervening on it.

Lectures will be given both in-person and online, and each participant should find the most suitable way to take advantage of the course depending on their time availability and geographic location.

Tutors will always be available through the online platform, and eager to accompany each student throughout the learning process, providing them bibliographic material, giving assessment for the fulfilment of practical activities and promoting group work and interaction with other participants.
The course has a duration of four semesters, by the end of which each participant receives a specialization degree from the Academy of Psychoanalysis endorsed by the Sigmund Freud University from Vienna.